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Over the nearly 25 years she has spent as an educator and tutor, Dana Stein has seen both her passion and profession expand. Her strong commitment to helping children learn efficiently and effectively has impacted hundreds of students. It's not unusual for these students—some well out of college by now—to reach out and let Dana know that her class marked a major turning point in their educational journey.  Dana and her team of personally selected tutors offer a wide range of services for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

My Expertise

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Dana holds a degree in education from the University of Iowa and a Masters of Education from the University of Illinois. Her professional background spans over two decades and includes positions as an elementary school teacher in Deerfield District 109; a gifted education teacher; an instructional & differentiation coach; and a private tutor. 

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Dana Stein Academics offers private tutoring sessions for students who would benefit from one on one instruction. 

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